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We help construction companies, landlords, educational institutions and hospitality providers to manage their AV estate, from TVs and reception systems through to CCTV and entry control.

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We're a one-stop-shop for businesses looking for an audio-visual specialist. We handle AV for companies in the construction, education, landlord and hospitality sectors so they can do what they do best; focus on their business.
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What we do

DVNW is one of the premier digital TV and AV installers in the North West of England. Here are some of the areas we can help your business in:

IRS | Integrated Reception Systems

DVNW can install, maintain and service integrated reception systems for a variety of clients. It is usually used to provide TV signals to residents in large multi-tenancy buildings and offices. This can include Freeview and Sky.

MATV | Master Antenna Television

Master Antenna TV is another way of providing digital television services to buildings. It is well suited to buildings where the signal from an IRS wouldn't be strong enough, such as large residential buildings, schools, hotels and offices.

SMATV | Satellite Master Antenna Television

Essentially the same as MATV with one or more satellite connections, we only install this in large multi-tenancy buildings such as hotels and student accommodation. It is ideal for clients who want to create their own in-house television network.

Fibre IRS | Fibre Integrated Reception Systems

Fibre IRS is the latest version of the traditional IRS installation. Instead of relying on copper wiring, which limits how far the signal can travel, the use of fibre optic cable means you can handle more data over the same infrastructure without the need to use the amplifiers used in MATV and SMATV.

CCTV and Door Control

We can install and maintain CCTV networks. From traditional CCTV cameras to more modern IP cameras, as well as network video recorders (NVR), we have significant experience working with clients in the construction, education, landlord and hospitality sectors to provide security and door control to their properties.


For hospitality and student accommodation companies, IPTV provides a valuable added revenue stream. We have experience installing, maintaining and servicing IPTV services including DigiSmartTV, DVNW's own IPTV platform.